LEAK "Trough Line 3" FM Tuner

Made in London England. H.J.Leak & CO. LTD.


Frequency Range:

88 - 108 Mc/s.


3 kc/s maximum with AFC 'ON', 15 kc/s maximum with AFC OFF'.


1.5 micro-volts at the aerial terminals for full limiting.

Aerial Impedance:

The choice of 300 ohms balanced or 75 ohms unbalanced.

Audio Output:

Cathode follower output delivers approximately 1 volt r.m.s. and facilitates the use of long output leads with negligible high frequency attenuation.

Multiplex Output:

For connection to a multiplex adaptor to obtain stereophonic reproduction from stereo, F.M. transmissions, where available.

Power Supply:

110, 117, 130. 210. 230, 250 volts. 50 60 c s consumption 45 watts.

Valves (Tubes):

2 x ECF8O, ECC84, ECC85, EF8O, EM84, EZ80, 2 x OA79, 1 festoon lamp 6V 2 watt.


29,2 x 10,8 x 21 cm.


Free-standing on non-scratch felt feet or panel mounted through a cut-out of 27,5 x 9,5 cm.


12 lbs. 8 ozs. (5,65 kgs.).

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