Tube Amplifier Kits


Audio, UK.

Edison 60 4 x EL34 Push-Pull: 2x30 Watts pure Class-A

  • Edison 60 Standard kit - £ 399 = 601,99 €
  • Edison 60 Plus kit - £ 499 = 752,87 €

To be modified following Thorsten instructions: The Legacy Poweramplifier

Bottlehead, USA.

Paramour  (Skill level 1)
2A3 Single ended tube amp designed by Paul Joppa, at a price so low our competition can't figure how we do it - $549 for a pair of monoblocks.

Paraglow (Skill Level 2)
Take it to the limit! Our most advanced SE 2A3 circuit design, with MagneQuest Permalloy parafeed output transformers. Here's a review from the enjoy the music website.$1150 and up.

Parabee (Skill Level 3)
Our highest powered amp, with all the benefits of parallel feed. 6N1P driving a 300B to a clean, linear 8 watts, with less than 1mV hum. With parafeed bass that rocks, this amp will make a Straight 8 sing, even in the biggest rooms. $1499 the pair, without 300Bs.

DIY Hifi Supply, Hong Kong.

MonoBlock 300B 'The Billie' SET. 300B x 2, 6N9PJ(6SL7) x 2,  5Z3PA x 2

  • without tubes - $699USD/pair
  • including Valve Art 300B or Electro Harmonix 300B - $775USD/pair
  • including the Prince of P.R.A.T Svetlana 300B - $850USD
  • including the #1 TJ meshplate 2.5V OR 5V 300B - $931USD
  • including the new TJ meshplate gold 300B - $999USD

Billie XP (eXperimenters Platform):
As above but with a power transformer that has a 2.5V filament supply and 320V HT for B+ so you can build a 2A3 or 45 based amp.:

2A3 PP - 'The Joplin' DHT Class A Push Pull

  • Without tubes - $499
    4pcs Valve Art 2A3 and 2pc 5687, 1pc 12AT7 - $105USD
    4pcs Sovtek 2A3 monoplate and 2pc 5687, 1pc 12AT7 - $146USD

World Audio Design,UK.

2A3 PSE Valve Integrated Amplifier Kit

  • 2A3 PSE with valves - £550.00 (UK price) = 829,81 € (UK price)
  • 2A3 PSE without valves - £450.00 (UK price) = 678,94 € (UK price)

300B PSE Valve Monobloc Amplifier

  • 300B PSE Valve Monobloc Amplifier with valves - £1177.00 (UK price) = 1775,80 € (UK price)
  • 300B PSE Valve Monobloc Amplifier without valves - £875.00 (UK price) = 1320,16 € (UK price)

Welborne Labs

Laurel 300B and Moondog 2A3

Decware Zen Triode