6N9P(6SL7GT) (6Н9П)

High Mu 6N9P is the glass outer covering eight feet tubes, in the radio installment usefully to the phase inverter, anti- accommodates the coupling enlargement electric circuit.
6N9P is similar with 6SL7-GT, may exchange the use.


The hot filament heats up
UH... 6.3 V
IH... 0.3 A
inter-electrode capacity
No.1 No.2
???? 33.4 PF
???? 3.83.2 PF
Cross road electric capacity 2.82.8 PF
Limit rated value (unilateral)
A1 kind of enlargement
Ua 300 V
Ug 0 V
Pa 1 W
UH-k ±90 V
Ua... 250 V
-Ug... 2 V
Ia... 2.3 mA
Gm... 1.6 mA/V
mu... 70
ri... 44 k Omega