Pedido de bulbos

Instruction Crocus Botanical

Plant crocus bulbs together. Choose a location with lots of sun. Prepare your site well, loose it up an put some organic fertilizer pellets into the soil. Water well after planting. If the weather is particularly dry, water when the shoots start to appear. There is no need to remove the dead flower heads, let them die back naturally. In about two years they will produce a supreme clump of attractive flowers.

crocus-botanical.JPGRanunculus asiaticus Pink x 60

Tulip combo Passionale + Gander x 80

Tulip mix single and double early x 200

Tulip Kaufmanniana Stresa x 30

Tulip triumph Rainbow Mix x 200

Crocus chrysanthus Aubade x 2500

2 x Crocus Botanical Mix x 60
 7 Crocus Chrysanthus Romance 5/7 cm

    3 Crocus Chrysanthus Snow Bunting 5/7 cm
    7 Crocus tommasinianus Barrs Purple 5/7 cm
    3 Crocus Zwanenburg Bronze 5/7 cm

Blueberry Bluecrop x 25

Tulipa praestans Van Tubergen Variety x 30

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