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I got 12 hatching eggs from LPH Poultry (£50.00 GBP Inc Delivery), but only one hatched. The eggs have been traveling to long, almost 12 days.
LPH-Orpington.JPGBuff Orpington born 12-FEB-2010

The only survivor of the hatch is this Buff Orpington Cock (17-SEP-2010)


Finally the Orpington's started to lay. Today I collected the first 4 egg's.

Huevos Orpington

Orpington update

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Here are my 3 Orpingtons today:

Orpington Chickens

I bought them in UK on 07.02.08 and got them in Italy 13.02.08. Perhaps the next time I should pay attention to bid on Monday, so I don't have a weekend which delays the shipping.

OrpingtonIncub.jpgI repeated the same procedure as for the Maran eggs. In this case the result was very bad. From 12 incubated eggs only 1 chicken was born

Orpington on 6-MAR-2008.

Orpington 9 days old (15-MAR-2008)

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