Experience of hatching Maran Chicken eggs bought on internet via eBay

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I decided to try to hatch 6 Maran eggs bought on the internet after my Wyandotte floc was killed, probably by a fox, at the end of 2007. Now I installed an automatic door from ATX electronic to the Hen house.

On the 14.01.2008 I bided for "6 French copper blue maran eggs" from ebay seller luckysi36 for 12 UK pound sterling, all together 30 Euro included shipping. The description said: "They lay a good size, almost chocolate brown egg. I have 4 french copper black hens (which have well feathered legs)with a french copper splash cockerel, these will hatch 100% copper blue chicks, unlike blue / blue or blue / black matings which only produce 50% blue birds. All my birds are now fed on specialist breeder pellets".

I got them on the 21.01.2008 and started incubating them on the 22.01.2008.

On the 22.01.2008 at 7:00 I started the incubation with my "Covatutto 24 Eco" from Novital set at 37.5 ºC (99.5 ºF).

After 21 days 3 chicken were born. The other 3 eggs, only one had an almost formed chicken. The success rate is 3 born of 6 incubated.
Here they are on the 23-02-2008. All 3 are different and the one with brown head is growing faster.

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